We offer a comprehensive inventory of audio, visual, and lighting technology, including the latest state-of-the-art equipment.
Audio & Visual Technology
Our full line of AV tech solutions create stunning, immersive environments that will please you and your event participants.
Digital Displays & Signage
Get noticed and inform with high-performance display solutions featuring digital images, video, streaming media and information.
Computer Rentals & Supplemental Elements
We have all the computer equipment you need, plus projectors, screens and monitors, ipads and tablets, to meet all your event needs.
LED Technology
Large-scale LED systems—including full-motion message boards and walls—attract attention and create sponsorship opportunities.
3D Holographic Display & Projection
3D holograms are an interesting and engaging way to enhance your brand experience and draw foot traffic. 3D Hologram displays create an optical illusion causing the eye to see a 3D image/video floating in mid air. As 3D holographic technology continues to evolve, so has accessibility to the technology for brands of all sizes.
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated 3D environment. VR allows brands to transport attendees to new places so they can experience their products and services in a unique way.
Speaker Presentation Technology
Everything you need—digital mixers, wired and wireless microphones, intercoms, speaker systems, and accessories—to support presenters.
Wayfinding Technology
Enhance your attendees event experience by providing innovative solutions to navigate the event. We have the latest in touchscreen wayfinding technology providing a user-friendly, fast, and useful tool for your event.
Projection Mapping
Create stunning, immersive environments by turning any object, building or physical space into a projectable surface.
Speaker Vision Finally, your ticket to seamless presentation management. Our state-of-the-art Speaker Vision technology takes the stress out of presentations—for you and your speakers. Learn More

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